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MicroAgility, an award-winning global digital strategy and execution consultancy, was founded in 2003 by former executives of “Big Four” consulting and Wall Street firms. Our clients choose us for the successful execution of their digital strategies due to our extensive experience, deep subject matter expertise, and our ability as an organization to get things done. We recruit, deploy, and manage teams of specialized experts who are exceptionally focused on driving results and helping you to achieve your business goals.

We are customer focused and technologically agnostic.

In today’s dynamic business environment, an organization must not only prioritize effective digital strategies but also execute these strategies effectively and efficiently — and MicroAgility can help companies to do just that.

Research shows that effective and efficient strategy execution could mean the difference between success and failure. According to studies by a private company and the Harvard Business School, the average firm achieves less than 65% of its strategic plan, and 90% of those failures are due to poor execution. It has been observed that poor execution is mostly associated with traditional leadership approaches coupled with the inability to develop organizational capabilities. That’s why we involve everyone from middle-managers to top executives.

We begin with cross referencing digital strategic initiatives with organizational business objectives and a focus on the desired results, not merely the go live date. Thereby, increasing the chance of success significantly.

Next, we conduct a thorough strategy execution assessment to understand the current state of the initiative individually and within their organizations. We then customize our approach and enable strategy execution within your organizations by incorporating new systems and processes. As a result, your organization stands out, often in industries where mediocrity is as good as it gets. Your organization will shift that paradigm with a new approach to achieve results. This is the measurable material that gets the attention of various stake holders (C-Suite, investors and especially customers).

We listen, advise and execute!

During the last decade, Clients have become far more sophisticated about how they operate. The days when clients were willing to be led by armies of overpriced consultants under a global brand are no longer in existence. In today’s competitive and belt-tightening environment, clients demand expertise and experience at a reasonable price point – and rightly so.

Our position is unique within the market, providing a top tier consulting capability and expertise to our clients without the top tier agenda. Our agile operating model minimizes overheads which facilitates competitive rates.

Sajid Khan Principal Consultant

Sajid has over two decades of management and consulting experience. He has been involved in many significant projects such as operational improvements, cost reduction, and managing growth. Prior to MicroAgility, Sajid held senior consulting and industry positions in leading companies such as Merrill Lynch, J. P. Morgan, and Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group.

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Michael Johnson Director, Client Relations

Mr. Johnson is a thirty-year veteran of business development, program and project management, systems engineering, business consulting and staffing services in commercial and government environments. Mr. Johnson applies his vast experience as a hands-on business development leader with a tremendous understanding of customer needs and strategy, studying industry trends, and protecting the customer’s best interests.

Mr. Johnson holds MBA and BSEE degrees. He is an engineer and business analyst by trade who applies his entrepreneurial sensibility in solving problems.

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Daniel Wong Customer Relations Manager

With 10 years of experience in business development and staffing services, Daniel is passionate about helping organizations achieve success by connecting them with the best talent, from junior to senior management level. Daniel has specialized in a variety of professional practices, in particular the IT and technology sector. His experience has given him a depth of understanding about labour market information, industry trends, and skill requirements in demand by employers, as well as staying well-connected with industry leaders and professionals. Daniel is driven by learning what makes people successful and empowering people and organizations to succeed.

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Daniel Melious Business Development Manager

Daniel Melious is an accomplished Human Resources professional with experience over a decade as a recruiter and in business development. He put his clients first and makes himself available at all times for the client and the candidate.

Daniel pushes himself and his colleagues to be successful while positively affecting the bottom line, the business.

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Marshall Checket Chief Project Officer

Marshall is the Manager of Project Office including PM training, standards management, tracking project metrics, project audits, intervention in problem projects. He has led projects at Continental Insurance, AT&T, State Street, Prudential, Freddie Mac

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Kenneth O'Brien Managing Consultant - Project/Operation Executive

As a Managing Consultant - Project/Operation Executive at MicroAgility, Ken is an innovative results-driven executive with over 20 years of extensive Financial/ Capital markets experience. He has a history of developing and driving high-impact strategic initiatives, sales, technology and operations to meet the needs of complex organizations and customers globally.

Ken has extensive experience in leading diverse teams, navigating complex regulatory, and compliance requirements. He is a results oriented leader with strong analytical and problem solving skills.

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Sajid KhanPrincipal Consultant

Michael JohnsonDirector, Client Relations

Daniel WongCustomer Relations Manager

Daniel MeliousBusiness Development Manager

Marshall ChecketChief Project Officer

Kenneth O'BrienManaging Consultant - Project/Operation Executive

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