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MESSAGE FROM sajid A. khan

Founder of Merrill Lynch Technology

Dear Group Members,


Welcome to the June edition of our monthly newsletter.

“How does an entrepreneur establish and successfully maintain a business?” This is the most common question at many start-ups forums. The first step is to recognize what needs to be done and to figure out how to do it. There are a great deal of things that entrepreneurs need to know to make the best decisions regarding successful establishment and day-to-day operations of running their ventures. They need to be up to date on things such as market research and knowledge, supply and demand, buyer expectations, competition, and the current industrial trends.

Business consultancy firms play a vital role in helping entrepreneurs achieve success. While entrepreneurs strategize how to meet their goals, the help of outside consultants can mitigate risks and ensure success in their endeavors.

Please reach out to me directly if you need help with the successful execution of your digital strategies.


Thank you very much for your time and continued support.

Sajid Khan, Your Business Partner

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