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MESSAGE FROM sajid A. khan

Founder of Merrill Lynch Technology

Dear Group Members,

I hope you all are well. Excellence require consistency and an on-going improvement process. Organizations need to balance out mistakes through continuous improvements and the defined culture of learning at every step to maintain the path of success. To set up such culture is not only a slow steady process but requires contribution and input from all levels of organization top to bottom.

Many members of Merrill Lynch Technology Community have shared some useful pieces of information last month related to operation effectiveness. In addition to all those steps, I would like to add this important aspect of having culture of total quality management at all levels of organization. This increases accountability and in return, not only simplify the processes but also improves them substantially.

I’ll encourage you all, who are in midst of setting total quality culture, to share the challenges in the discussion section. You will find easy solutions and valuable insights from members of this community.
Thank you very much for your continued support and trust for making this community a powerful platform for Merrill Lynch professionals.


Sajid Khan, Your Business Partner

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