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Dear Group Members,

Organizations throughout the world, whether they are public or private, are taking measures to contain and mitigate COVID-19. These actions can involve the processing of different types of personal data. Timely action can serve as employee data protection preparation for the future. A proactive approach to privacy and data protection helps organizations increase efficiency, compliance & trust, and the pandemic we are witnessing should give rise to doubling down on what we do with our workforce information governance. As this crisis will pass, it is important to operate now and in the future with the best interests of employee data privacy in mind with transparency, lawfulness and fairness. This is especially important as you balance the needs to collect and process workforce data with the data privacy rights of the employee.

These are unsettling times and COVID-19 is very evidently impacting our personal and professional lives, and those that we love. It’s challenging operating under the current restrictions but I am confident we will get through this together.

Be safe and be well!


Sajid A. Khan, Your Business Partner


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