September, 2020


MESSAGE FROM sajid A. khan

Founder of CXO Community

Dear Group Members,

No organization can afford to sit back and ignore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Yet, rushing to adopt AI just because the technology exists can be just as damaging to a business. To fully realize the potential of AI, you need to approach it with a clear business goal or need in mind. In other words, you need to identify and narrow down to the most valuable AI opportunities for your business. It can even mean your approach could be quite different from that of your competitors. Therefore, you should take those steps which involves looking at what your business is trying to achieve, what unique challenges your business is facing and then identifying potential solutions through AI.

At times like these, the problems list can be long for all of us; however, I am convinced that we will get through this as long as we do not lose our self-confidence and our energy. It is all in our hands.

Be safe and be well!


Sajid A. Khan, Your Business Partner


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