July, 2020


MESSAGE FROM sajid A. khan

Founder of CXO Community

Dear Group Members,

One of the many benefits of using artificial intelligence is to help us view societal problems from a different perspective. While there’s been many conversations about how AI might be misused, we must not overlook the many ways AI can be used for good. Artificial intelligence, powered by deep-learning algorithms, is already in use in healthcare and also being used to predict the development of diseases across a healthcare network. Knowing the reality that as our global issues are complex so AI is providing us with a valuable tool to augment human efforts to come up with solutions to vexing problems.

These are challenging times, but we will get through them. Let’s look after each other so we can come through this crisis stronger than when we went into it.

Be safe and be well!


Sajid A. Khan, Your Business Partner


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