February, 2021


MESSAGE FROM sajid A. khan

Founder of Consulting Community

Dear Group Members,

The cavity between the ability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its implementation in practice has never been greater than it was in 2020 as there were clearly some major AI milestones achieved in it. However, AI adoption remains in exploratory stages for the vast majority of enterprises and a long way off becoming an integral part of day to day business. At this point in the AI adoption cycle, many enterprises hold an untenable position as long as they fail to appreciate the enormous potential for embedding machine learning into their products and business processes. We may see 2021 become the year of mass adoption of AI, finally starting to unlock the huge value and productivity gains it promises for the economy, and helping us to overcome some of society’s greatest challenges.

If you need any help with building a good team for your IT transformation, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Thank you very much for your time and continued support.

Best Regards,

Sajid A. Khan


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