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Knowing that you have to transform your digital presence is solving 50%.
MicroAgility Consultants can help you solve the next 50%.

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Well-informed business decisions enable organizations to take a leap forward and better adapt their offerings to meet both customer needs as well as their competition’s products and services. This is often done via intelligent tools designed to analyze your business and determine the best path forward. All Business Intelligence (BI) tools function on a primary ingredient: data. As we are flooded with data analytics tools and methodologies, however, it can become difficult to choose the right warehousing, analytics, and visualization techniques to integrate information in the decision-making process.

Our Data Analytics experts are committed to solving this problem and implementing a perfect mix of tools and knowledge to sync data collection and analytics across departments. This leads to smart solutions that are tailored for your business.

MicroAgility takes it one step further, however, and even helps you utilize machine learning approaches to create programs that align with evolving data-driven techniques, enormous data analysis, and refined estimation of learning results.


It is very common for businesses to diagnose and plan digital shifts and design projects/products and programs based on research and competitive analysis but lack effective execution.

They know it is something they need to do in order to remain competitive. Yet majority of business/technology transformation initiatives are not successful.

Either they go beyond budget, exceed timelines, or lack training elements of existing staff resulting in non-aligned technology shift


MicroAgility consultants have vast digital strategy execution experience.

We understand typical project delivery methodologies doesn’t work for all considering unique culture of each organization.

Our consultants go deep in shaping up the implementation plans as per digital vision and user’s readiness to help your success rate climb for digital initiatives.

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Our data experts develop and implement models that concentrate on the most effective learning designs and activities to meet your business goals.


Data Discovery & Visualization

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL


Suitable Machine Learning (ML) models for your Data

Big Data Analytics

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