If you have been searching for an agile, fast-paced, energetic, and challenging work environment, look no further.

Be an Agilian become a great consultant

MicroAgility Offers :

MicroAgility offers exciting career opportunities for experienced, agile, and result-oriented people who want to help lead the charge in providing advanced services. Be an Agilian. Help us become the next “admired” consulting company, and we will help you become the next great consultant.

    We invite agile, ambitious business and technology professionals who posses strong leadership skills, intellectual vigor, and personal integrity to join the team of Agilians (Agile employees and consultants). We believe that our people are our most valuable asset.
    As an innovative IT services provider, we are transforming the way leaders envision, plan, and manage business and IT initiatives, projects, and resources. MicroAgility intends to become the next “most admired” consulting company.

    As we compete in the global marketplace, we know that our consultants are the heart of our company. As a result, we are committed to:

    • Promoting an open and supportive professional environment
    • Valuing diversity in all its forms.
    • Fostering “out-of-the-box” thinking.
    • Allowing a free exchange of ideas to make the best business decisions.
    • Supporting each other in the pursuit of personal and professional objectives while meeting common organizational and business objectives.
    • Encouraging consultants to strive for breakthrough performance.

    At MicroAgility, we help you build your professional career through providing a range of assignments while offering competitive compensation and benefits.

    Our clients are numerous and growing. MicroAgility Referral Program was established to reward our loyal candidates and clients, who have contributed significantly in our success. We are constantly on the lookout for new names and people to add to our roster for existing and future needs.

    MicroAgility, through its experience, has learnt that the best source of qualified candidates and clients is ‘personal referrals’. The passive candidate who is not necessarily looking today might be the most qualified and valuable. We feel so strongly about this that we have created the MicroAgility Referral Program that pays you:

    $2,000 for each successful referral of a candidate

    $5,000 for each successful referral of a hiring authority

    Referring Candidates
    • Any candidate, who is not already in our system, you submit to MicroAgility, will be honored as “your candidate referral” for a period of 1 year from the date of submission.
    • If the person you refer is successfully hired by one of our clients, completes the probation/guarantee period (usually 90 days) and remains in good standing with our client, you will receive a referral fee.
    • You must be registered in our database by sending us an email.
    • If your referral is already in our database, through previous referral, or their own submission, you will be notified that this candidate has already been submitted to us and he/she will not be considered your candidate referral. We will let you know right away.
    • Unless you indicate that this is a confidential referral, MicroAgility will assume that you have spoken directly with the candidate about this position and we will use your name as a reference point when contacting the candidate.
    • MicroAgility will screen all candidates to ensure that they are qualified for the role as well as interested.
    • If the candidate is qualified for the role, the interview process will begin with the client.
    Referring a Hiring Authority
    • The person you refer must be in a position where they can authorize the use of a recruitment firm or have a recruitment requirement that they are responsible to hire for.
    • You must introduce us to your referral so that they know in advance that we will be contacting them.
    • Should MicroAgility have an opportunity to create a business success story through your referral, the first successful placement will result in a referral bonus.
    • Your referral must result in us successfully placing at least one hire with their company and will be valid only after the successful completion of the probation/guarantee.
    • Referral checks will be cut on the 100th day of employment of the candidate and mailed to you. (You will be responsible for any taxes).
    • Should a candidate not succeed at the client you will not owe any money to MicroAgility but we hope you can help find a replacement!
    • Referral fee is paid only once per company, regardless of how many people they end up hiring from us.
    • You cannot refer a job for which you are a hiring manager (conflict of interest).

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