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How Data Science Can Add Value To Your Business
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How Data Science Can Add Value To Your Business

What is Big Data & Data Science? Data science represents the various processes through which information is extracted from the

What is Big Data & Data Science?

Data science represents the various processes through which information is extracted from the massive jumble of data collected through various channels. From discovery to compilation, analysis, and modeling, data science can involve a whole host of technologies and disciplines to get results. It incorporates the use of math, computer science, analytics, artificial intelligence, statistics, and more.

Big data is an application of data science that deals with enormous data sets that can be difficult to handle. It makes use of specialized and customized tools and techniques to analyze the large data sets, identify trends, and create predictive models.

Data scientists typically specialize in coding, math, statistics, data analysis, and machine learning to create predictions and solutions for complex business problems. Degrees in math, statistics, computer science, and engineering provide a solid foundation for a career in data science. Having professional problem-solving skills and knowledge of the subject matter in the targeted field is also beneficial.

Those looking for a more direct career pathway may opt for specialized online programs and boot camps. There are multiple certifications one can pursue to acquire the technical skills needed to become a data scientist. These skills include programming, understanding analytical tools like SAS, Spark, and R, and handling of unstructured data.

Why Data Science Is Needed

When knowledge is extracted from data, it can be leveraged to make key business decisions and develop strategies. The bulk of data is unstructured but data science provides a means by which to analyze it, pinpoint trends, and gain insights that can lead to better solutions.

Businesses have been able to better refine their product decisions thanks to the analysis of the market, product performance, and competition. Through big data analysis, businesses can better meet the needs of their target market. By recognizing trends, businesses can strategize on how to improve customer engagement, better develop their products to meet market expectations, and ultimately boost profitability.

Data science is also useful when it comes to the recruitment of talent. Data mining allows businesses to better profile candidates and select those that will fit in best with the existing work culture and have the needed capabilities for the roles.

Digital transformation that stimulates the need for infrastructure modernization makes big data analytics easier and faster. By ensuring the storage of large amounts of data is more cost-effective, secure, and accessible, there is faster processing of data and arrival at the information that will better guide business decisions.

Impact of Data Science In Modern World

Thanks to cloud computing, data science is better able to function as the massive amounts of data can now be more easily stored without the business needing to make huge investments in infrastructure. Data scientists can work in the cloud, analyzing all kinds of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sets to draw insights. With good access to a variety of free and fee-based tools and programming languages, processing data is made easier and faster. The use of such strategies like binary columnar data storage and sampled data sets can cut processing time and elicit faster results.

Besides helping to strategize and improve existing processes and products for businesses, data science is also great for realizing unseen patterns and inventing radical solutions. It has also proven helpful in handling crisis by identifying the causes of undesirable situations. Whatever short to long term goals a business has, data science can help improve performance.

Career Opportunities

Businesses have long realized that knowledge is power. Data science provides a means by which to harness this power and use it to influence business strategy and decision making. This makes data scientists influential business consultants as it is their work that helps make this possible.

The data science field is fast growing and requires a slew of well-trained professionals to take their place in the business world. Being able to analyze data and use this information to solve real-world problems makes data scientists a highly valuable resource. The demand for their services is expected to keep growing over the coming years, with plenty of highly paid job opportunities opening up.


About the writer:

Sajid Khan is the President at MicroAgility and has over three decades of management and consulting experience. He leads the efforts is many projects including operational improvements, cost reduction, and managing growth while holding key positions in leading companies such as Merrill Lynch, J. P. Morgan, and Deloitte & Touché Consulting Group.

In all endeavors, whether in the world of business or community service, Sajid strives to help others succeed and to create opportunities that are sustainable and uplifting for humanity — always guided by the virtues of hard work, quality, and kindness. Sajid works to promote tolerance and peace across cultures and religions through dialogue.


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