Joel Taylor is a 26 year veteran of the Information Technology Industry holding senior management positions across many industries. Currently as the CIO for CarePoint Health Medical Group he leads an IT organization currently rolling out an EHR to over 250 physicians.

Joel Taylor, CIO CarePoint Health Medical Group – 7/1/2013 to present


Sajid Khan, the President of MicroAgility interviews Joel Taylor for his insight and perspective about IT, innovation and leadership in the healthcare industry.


Sajid Khan: Joel, Can you begin by sharing your perspectives on the role of IT in the healthcare industry?

Joel Taylor: Healthcare is one of the last major industries to leverage technology. Information technology has been instrumental in delivering better care, understanding disease and allowing for better access.


SK: In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges Healthcare IT industry is currently facing?

JT: Governmental mandates, changes to how physicians and facilities are compensated and lagging technology are really at the top of the list. Only the meaningful use of Electronic Health Records has changed the focus and priority of many healthcare organizations and EHR manufactures. But sadly this has stymied innovation, something the industry desperately needs.


SK: As a CIO, do you have a portion of your team that is dedicated to innovation, and what percentage of your budget is dedicated to innovation projects?

JT: I expect everyone on my team to focus on innovation. We all need to be thinking how we can improve the lives of our patients and care givers. We do not have a budget per se for this, but it is something we are always working on.


SK: At your last position at Preferred Health Partners you reduced annual telecommunication expenses by $1.2 Million. Are you primarily expected to reduce cost at CarePoint as well or are you more expected help grow the company innovatively?

JT: I am expected to do both. As we consolidate medical practices and bring new private practices into the fold there are huge opportunities to reduce cost and improve efficiency. Innovation will be a key factor.


SK: What are the current challenges you are facing while deploying the Meditech/LSS EHR at CarePoint?

JT: As part of a large healthcare system we have many moving parts (EHR implementation) that all have to mesh seamlessly. Just figuring out what those parts are can be daunting. Turning well established, rote, paper based process into automated ones is often technically challenging. Minimizing the impact to those involved in these processes is often difficult at best.


SK: What is your leadership style?

JT: I believe you need to hire the best people and empower them to be successful. I am very team focused and believe that the combined intellect of many smart people drives success.


SK: What advice would you offer for other CIOs who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

JT: Understand your industry and make sure that improving your organization while adding value is part of every decision you make. While IT has become the backbone with which many organizations live, you must always remember IT is most often not the business! You are the support!


SK: Anything else you would like to share with other fellow c-level executives.

JT: Never lose track of the true purpose of your organization!