Message From Sajid Khan (Founder of Merrill Lynch Technology)

Dear Group Members,

I hope you all are well. Satisfied employees are one of the most important assets of any organization. Companies can overcome any challenge with a motivated and committed workforce. Organizations are often tasked with finding the balance between a “task-oriented approach” and a “people-oriented approach.”

The task-oriented approach often results in favorable outcomes, and frequently plays an important part in meeting deadlines. That said, quality and creativity is only possible with a people-oriented approach. A productive workforce is great for business, but a motivated workforce is essential for the ultimate survival of any organization. Striking the balance between both approaches is truly an art, but a worthwhile endeavor as it ensures both employee and employer success.

I encourage you all to share the challenges you’ve faced regarding these approaches in your organizations. I guarantee you’ll find valuable insights from members of this community.

Thank you very much for your continued support and trust, and for making this community a powerful platform for Merrill Lynch executives.

Sajid Khan, Your Business Partner

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Date: November, 2017

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